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How it works

Access real-time load information fast and easy.

Our platform is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Same day factoring. We provide fast pay on every load.

Maximize Profit. Operate Efficiently.

We provide carriers, shippers, dispatchers and brokers access to real-time data – fast and easily – accessible information about how to put the right load in front of the right truck through our state-of-the-art load board platform.

How does it works?

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We are the #1 single load board solution in the USA. Whether you are an Owner-Operator, Shipper, Carrier, Broker or Dispatcher, we’ve got the right package for you. No MC# is required to sign up.

Account access and management

After signing up, you’ll have access to our real-time and secure live load board with unlimited access where everything is in one place: location, destination, time, description and cost.

Post and Find Loads and Trucks in seconds

Input your trip starting point, final destination, and equipment type, and let our state-of-the-art technology match your request. We have hundreds of thousands live loads per day.

Save searches for another time

You created your work schedule but you are not ready yet? Search and select the loads and trucks you prefer for another time. Your list will automatically move to your Watch List.

Let’s talk money saving

Have full control of your Finances. Simplify your expense tracking and find cost-saving opportunities with our state-of-the-art expense management solution.

Quick and Easy document upload

Keep your receipts and company documents in one place to help you keep your files organized and secure.