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How Do Truck Drivers Find Loads?

July 14, 2021 | Fork Freight

Like every business owner, truckers also need to sell their services and find customers. However, unlike other businesses, truck drivers need customers with freight in the right place. Building a network at the right place at the right time is difficult.

Truck drivers don’t usually have the time and resources to build their network of shippers. That is why it is important to find loads through different sources. Here are a few sources by which truck drivers find loads.

1.Direct From Shippers

It is ideal to source loads directly from shippers. Maintaining good relations with shippers can turn out to be more profitable. This method is time-consuming as shippers with consistent lanes can be difficult to track. Consistent lanes are awarded through a bidding process to the larger carriers.

Truck drivers without a relationship with the shipper are unable to bid on these lanes because it is expensive for the shipper to complete the shipping process for smaller carriers.

It takes a good relationship with various shippers in each freight market for guaranteed loads waiting at the destination.

2.Freight Brokers

A freight broker can help independent contractors looking to haul freight. The brokers connect truck drivers with shippers. This is a good option for new truck drivers to find business. 

The best part about freight brokers is that they do most of the work for the truck drivers including negotiating prices with shippers. The brokers maintain a good relationship with the shippers and that makes it easier for them to provide quality loads to independent drivers.

3.Registering as a Government Contractor

The government outsources its staffing and transportation needs. Not just the federal government but the local and state governments have transportation needs. Being a government contractor can help fetch a load frequency.

It takes a few extra steps to register as a government contractor. It might be easier to partner with a company that has a government contract. You can contact your state or city government for more details.

4.Load Boards

This is probably the most reliable and efficient way.

Load boards connect shippers to truckers directly. The load boards have multiple listings to choose from with shipment details spelled out. Google searches online load boards to find free and paid options to choose from.

They may offer free trials, have mobile applications to search for loads, and send you notifications so that truck drivers don’t miss a high-paying load. Some of them charge monthly subscription fees for the service.

If you are looking for a load board, with ample loads, and real-time updates, Forkfreight might just be the place for you. Not only do they have a plethora of loads, but all the details are also precisely mentioned for a better selection.

5.Load Matching applications

Load matching apps are pretty much the same as load boards. They automate load searches for shippers and truckers. They are generally offered by large freight brokers to connect shippers with truckers.

Load matching involves truckers accepting loads posted on the app at the given rate. This removes the hassle of negotiating prices. All the processes flow through the app which improves the document submission and payment process.


Networking is a long-lasting option for truck drivers. Start by getting involved with industry associations and attending events that shippers attend. You can find good contacts there and create your network.

It is good to be updated with the latest trends in your industry. The Internet can also help you increase your network and get more loads.


We recommend that you use a combination of methods to gain the most business and the most loads possible. Try standing out by using a different approach than your competitors. Some of the methods are time-consuming but produce great leads. 

If you are looking for a reliable and convenient load finding option, Forkfreight is the way to go. Let’s get rolling.